Volume 1, Issue 1, 2022

Published: 23-09-2022

Original Research


*Corresponding Author:
Dr. Dalal Almghairbi
Department of Anaesthesia
and Critical Care, Faculty
of Medical Technology,
University of Zawia, Libya.
Email: d.almghairbi@zu.edu.ly
28 September 2022
Received in revised form:
26 October 2022
30 October 2022

Factors influence anaesthesia technician work in intensive care unit (ICU): Qualitative study

Dalal S. Almghairbi¹* , Zenab A. Elfzzani²  

¹Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care, Faculty of Medical Technology, University of Zawia, Libya.
²Department of Paediatric, Faculty of Medicine, University of Zawia, Libya.

Pages: 12-18

Published: 01 Nov 2022


Anaesthesia technicians are part of the ICU medical team, their profession is critical to the healthcare environment for achievement and delivery of adequate care and they do the respiratory therapists jobs/roles as well. The aim of the current study was to find out factors affecting anaesthesia technicians working in ICU.

Materials and Methods: 
This was a qualitative single center study utilizing focus-group interviews (FGI’s), and in-depth individual interviews. Twenty anaesthesia technicians working in the ICU were enrolled until data saturation was reached. Data were analyzed using Colaizz’s method.

Through data analysis, three themes including system-related factors, environmental-related factors, and individual-related factors were found.

The present study provided clear understanding of factors affecting anaesthesia technician’s working in ICU and these were found to be longstanding. The factors included system, environmental and individual related. Utilizing the results of this study can help develop managerial programs for understanding the factor affecting anaesthesia technician and job satisfaction promotion. (Open J Bio Med Res 2022;1:12-18.)

Anaesthesia technicians, factor influencing, job satisfaction, intensive care unit.