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Video guidelines

We thank you for your interest to be within Digitodontics Industry Focus!

Prior to submission, the company's representative is requested to be familiarized with the privacy policies and terms of use of Digitodontics International Academy as well as the submission roles for the Digital Product Video mentioned on the industry focus page. All videos must be submitted online through this submission form.

The video must be a summary of your digital dentistry product, each video is limited to introducing only one digital product, multiable products can be submitted in different videos. All videos must introduce your company's digital products for either clinical, technical, or educational use. The video should be 2-10 minutes long. Video must meet high-quality standards, videos with low technical quality will not be accepted. Please note that videos that do not meet these initial requirements will not be accepted.

You agree to give the rights to Digitodontics to use your video on its different communication platforms including but not limited to Digitodontics website, Digitodontics youtube channel, and Digitodontics social media platforms.

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Once you checked all the list elements, you are ready to submit your application. You will be asked to upload your video file after you submit this form, please submit it now.