About the Journal

The Journal of Digitodontics (JoD) is a peer-reviewed open access journal that aims to bridge the gaps in various aspects of digital dentistry, and its related fields. Under its publisher, the JoD was founded by the Digitodontics International Academy in the beginning of 2023. The journal is led by experts in the field of digital dentistry under its editor-in-chief and editorial board. The editor-in-Chief is Dr. Sunyoung Ma, an associate professor in Prosthodontics and Associate Dean of Postgraduate Studies at the University of Otago, New Zealand.

Aims and Scope

The Journal of Digitodontics aims to quench the thirst of readers in the various aspects of digital dentistry, and its related fields. It also aims to be the most prestigious journal of digital dentistry. It hopes to cover all diagnostic, clinical and technical management aspects of oral and maxillofacial region by using subjective and objective techniques that deliver harmonious oral function and aesthetics.

The journal publishes four different types of articles- 1) Original research articles of high scientific merit in all fields of dentistry including mechanical and biologic aspects of materials and implants; 2) Systematic review and meta-analysis articles by experts on controversies and new developments in digital dentistry; 3) Case reports which provide or document new fundamental knowledge; 4) Techniques that introduce new clinical or technical operation method, research method and material usage. In addition to the above-mentioned articles, letters to the editor and commenting on papers are welcomed.

Source of Revenue

The journal’s business model is based on collecting publication fees from authors (after the final acceptance). The collected fees are used to cover the costs of managing the peer-review process, article production and other payments required for the publication process (e.g. webhosting, DOI assignment, etc.). Information about the current pricing system can be found on the Publication Fees page.