Copyright & Licensing Policy

Authors intending to publish their articles in the Journal of Digitodontics certify that:

  • the submitted manuscript is their original creation.
  • it is not being considered for publication by another journal.
  • they are permitted by all of their co-authors (if any) to submit the manuscript to the Journal of Digitodontics.
  • they obtained all necessary permissions to reuse third-party copyrighted material in their paper (e.g. images from papers/books belonging to other people).
  • the person signing the publication agreement is the manuscript’s copyright holder or the legal representative of their employer (in cases when copyright is owned by the employer).

On publishing with the Journal of Digitodontics, authors retain the copyright to their published papers. However, they agree that their articles will be made available to the public under the terms of the most recent Creative Commons CC-BY-NC license. This license allows the redistribution, remixing, and building upon the paper’s content in any way possible, provided that it is not for commercial profit and that proper attribution is given to the original source (i.e. The Journal of Digitodontics). In addition to the rights allowed by the above-mentioned license, authors give The Journal of Digitodontics and its publisher the exclusive right to sell their published papers in print collections (to be prepared on demand) as well as the right to deposit the metadata of their articles in all the relevant scholarly databases. Apart from the published papers, copyright to the website’s content, design, and the journal’s logo exclusively belong to Digitodontics International Academy.