About the Journal

The Open Journal of Biomedical Research (OJBR) is a peer-reviewed open access journal that asserts a significant role in comprehending and advancing medical research and related fields. Given the relevance of human health and the numerous emergency medical and clinical challenges connected to it, biomedical research deserves special consideration. Hence stating the necessity of a single and enhanced information exchange platform.

Aims and Scope

The interdisciplinary research Open Journal of Biomedical Research publishes original research in all the major fields of basic and clinical medical sciences. There will also be invited and submitted review pieces on contemporary issues. Medical professionals are invited to submit compelling case reports.

The journal’s goal is to give scientists a forum to debate the most recent developments in the field of biomedical sciences. This publication strives to compile and archive exact, complete information on this incredibly important topic.

The development activities carried out in the field of biomedicine research are specified and described in the scientific Open Journal of Biomedical Research. The journal covers research on biomedical sciences-related microbiology, biochemistry, clinical, medical, computational, and engineering topics. Articles analyzing similar topics in cell biology, developmental biology, genetics, computational research, biophysics, immunology, and translational medicine will also be taken into consideration. physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, personalized medical, surgical instrument disciplines, biomedical research, biomedicine, biomedical science, biomedical engineering, biology, biomedical informatics, biomedical diagnostics, biomedical ethics, biomedical therapy, biomedical systems, and biomedical technology.

Submissions of significant publications with cutting-edge research results that improve the field are highly encouraged. The journal’s broad breadth will help in providing a significant amount of scientific data relating to developments in better healthcare. For convenient online tracking and management of the processing of manuscripts, the journal uses the Editor Manager System. Under the direction of a designated Editor, every piece goes through a peer review process. An article must first have the Editor’s approval and the approval of two separate reviewers before it can be published.