Editorial Workflow

All the manuscripts submitted to the Open Journal of Biomedical Research will be peer-reviewed. Each manuscript will initially be evaluated by the editorial management and then the Editor-in-chief for suitability of topic, format, and originality. Special software will be used at this stage to check for plagiarism. Manuscripts that meet basic requirements are then assigned to the relevant Section Editor and one or two reviewers, whose experience falls within the scope of the manuscript. Additionally, a statistician might be consulted in case the manuscript uses advanced statistical techniques. The Open Journal of Biomedical Research follows a double-blind peer review process, meaning that both the author and the reviewer are anonymous to one another. Reviewers evaluate the manuscript’s soundness and contribution to the field then make specific suggestions for enhancing it. Based on comments from the reviewers and the relevant Section Editor, the Editor-in-chief will take the decision to accept or reject the manuscript, indicating whether major or minor revisions are needed. Manuscripts accepted pending the request of major revisions will be returned to the reviewers on resubmission. In case minor revisions were requested, only the relevant Section Editor will be consulted.

The first round of peer review is expected to take 4 to 8 weeks. The author will then need to submit the revised manuscript within 1 month (in case of minor revisions) and 3 months (in case of major revisions). After resubmission, the final decision will be communicated to the author within 4 weeks.  At this point, authors of accepted articles will be requested to pay the relevant Publication Fees. Articles will be officially published within 4 weeks of acceptance.

Initially the author is only required to provide two things:

  • The article’s metadata (authors, affiliations, keywords, etc.)
  • One unidentifiable (no details about authors) manuscript document that includes the article text with imbedded tables and figures, not necessarily with high resolution

After final acceptance, the author is required to upload the following:

  • a file that includes the article’s plain text
  • a title page
  • a separate file for each figure (high-resolution images)
  • a separate files with each table
  • a file containing the list of figure and table legends
  • a file including the list of references including their DOIs when possible

Please note that the Author Guidelines should be consulted for the exact content and format of the above-mentioned files (those submitted after acceptance).

After typesetting and proofreading the article, the publishing process will then involve posting the article on the Journal’s website, assignment of a DOI (see DOIs & ORCID), and submission of the metadata to the relevant indexing or archiving services.