EXOCAD Protocols: Veneers, Full Crowns and Implant-Prosthetic Rehabilitation

Complete protocols for EXOCAD essential and advanced topics

Enhance your EXOCAD skills with Todea Tudor, a certified EXOCAD expert!

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  • Understand the principles and concepts of EXOCAD.

  • Develop proficiency in EXOCAD protocols.
  • Acquire the skills necessary to perform all procedures on EXOCAD.

  • Master the art of designing various dental prostheses to achieve natural-looking results.

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Introduction to the course

All EXOCAD protocols for designing and fabricating implant restorations, veneers and esthetic crowns in one course!

Enhance your EXOCAD skills with a course designed for both beginners and advanced specialists, led by Todea Tudor, a certified EXOCAD expert.

The course covers in detail:

  • Treatment planning and EXOCAD smile design
  • Protocols for designing veneers, full ceramic and zirconia crowns
  • Protocols for designing implant screw-retained crowns in the esthetic zone
  • Protocols for designing implant screw-retained crowns for ALL-ON-4 treatment approach
  • Protocols for designing implant screw-retained crowns for ALL-ON-X treatment approach.

Everything you need to implement Exocd to your daily practice!

Key learning skills

  • Designing on EXOCAD
  • Treatment planning on EXOCAD
  • Veneers on EXOCAD
  • Full ceramic crowns on EXOCAD
  • Press-over zirconia crown on EXOCAD
  • Implants in the esthetic zone EXOCAD
  • Bar Module Telescopic crowns on EXOCAD
  • ALL-ON-X and ALL-ON-4 on EXOCAD

Lesson 1 | EXOCAD Workflow: Anatomic Crowns, Veneers, and Press-over Zirconia

Program of the lesson

  • Introduction, organization, and setting-up of the work process on EXOCAD.

  • General overview. EXOCAD features and work algorithms.

  • Starting a new case. Guide to starting and setting-up an EXOCAD case from A to Z.

  • How to make an order and start designing anatomic/reduced crown, veneers, and press-over zirconia crown.

  • Uploading pre-op STL-files in EXOCAD expert mode.

  • Steps to import a tooth library.

  • Determination and working with the margin line. Margin line adjustment for an e-max veneer restoration.

  • Crown border parameters.

  • Cement gap for each kind of material.

  • Interproximal contact evaluation.

  • Video guide on the protocols of designing veneer restoration.

  • Video guide on the protocols of designing zirconia crowns.

  • Steps to mill the restoration.

  • Protocols of digital wax-up.

  • Protocols for working with the articulator on EXOCAD.

Lesson duration | 59-minute

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Lesson 2 | Designing of Individual Abutments in the Aesthetic Zone on EXOCAD

Program of the lesson

  • Importing intraoral scans.

  • Step-by-step video guide on designing a single hybrid implant abutment in the aesthetic zone.

  • Emergence profile of the implant restoration.

  • Scan bodies editing and adjustment.

  • Clinical case walkthrough from A to Z:    

            -Intraoral scanning and importing STL-files.
            -Editing and designing of multiple hybrid implant abutments: control points and wizard tabs.

Lesson duration | 48-minute

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Lesson 3 |   EXOCAD Bar Module. Video Guide of the Designing Protocols

Program of the lesson

  • Advanced setting and adjustments for bar design.

  • Steps to importing intraoral scans and pre-Op scans.

  • Video guide for designing an implant-screw retained crowns.

  • Steps to design a bar and over-structures..

  • Steps to changing the angle and profile of the bar.

  • Adjustment of the height of the bar.

  • Protocols of virtual wax-up.

  • Protocols of the Free-Forming step.

Lesson duration | 54-minute

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Lesson 4 | Implant-supported Telescopic Prosthesis on EXOCAD

Program of the lesson

  • Steps to order telescopic crowns and overstructure.

  • Importing intraoral scans and Pre-op scans. Protocols for correct Pre-op placement.

  • Advanced features of EXOCAD library management.

  • The correct Implant placement.

  • Video guide to designing of telescopic crowns and over-structures:

              -Primary telescope design.
              -Mouse interactions and hotkeys.
              -Screw hole design.

  • Video guide to designing of over-structures:

             -Advanced design features.
             -Anatomic reduction Cement gap and virtual wax-up bottom of overstructure.
            -Aligning of the mesh. Space for acrylic retention. 

Lesson duration | 50-minute

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Lesson 5 | ALL-ON-X Designing Protocols on EXOCAD

Program of the lesson

  • Features, downloading, and importing of the implant library on EXOCAD.

  • Advanced designing features of implant retained fixed prosthesis ALL-ON-X.

  • Protocols for adjusting scan data orientations and detecting implant position.

  • Virtual waz-up and free-forming protocols.

  • Protocols of anatomic reduction of implant retained fixed prosthesis ALL-ON-X.

  • Screw-hole design.

  • Steps to designing of implant retained fixed prosthesis ALL-ON-X with and without a set-up from A to Z.

Lesson duration | 56-minute

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Lesson 6 | Protocols of Designing Thimble. EXOCAD Implant Screw Retained ALL-ON-4

Program of the lesson

  • Steps to adjusting scan data orientation.

  • Correct Pre-op scan placement and changing mesh position.

  • Detecting the implant position.

  • Setting-up EXOCAD thimble library.

  • Gingiva base design and anatomic reduction.

  • Video guide to thimble bar design on EXOCAD from A to Z.

Lesson duration | 54-minute

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Lesson 7 | Treatment Planning and Smile Design on EXOCAD

Program of the lesson

  • Intraoral scan adjustment protocols.

  • Protocols for working with virtual articulators.

  • EXOCAD smile creator guide. Photo and intraoral scan integration.

  • Tooth placement, virtual wax-up, and free forming protocols.

  • Video guide to treatment planning from A to Z on EXOCAD:

  • Import of intraoral scan. Full protocols of smile creator and Digital Smile Design (DSD). Virtual Articulator. Virtual wax-up.

  • .

Lesson duration | 60-minute

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Lesson 8 | Clinical Cases and Designing of Different Models on EXOCAD

Program of the lesson

  • Analysis of different tooth libraries designed by Todea Tudor.

  • Designing of implant supported-bridge on the lower jaw.

  • The design of implant screw-retained crown in the aesthetic zone.

  • Designing of hybrid abutment in EXOCAD.

Lesson duration | 27-minute

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PRICE:  51.99€ 

Recommended 3D models | Practice your skills using the course real 3D models

  • Full maxillary and mandibular models with Tudor teeth library.

Those models can be pouches at Digitodontics 3D model store 

QuizTest your knowledge!

After completing each lesson in this online course, you will be presented with five Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), and you are required to choose the most appropriate or correct answer from a list of multiple options. These questions are designed to assess your understanding and knowledge gained from the course. To successfully obtain a certificate, you must pass all of these quizzes. Once you have accomplished this, a certificate will be issued to you as a recognition of your successful completion of the course.

Certificate | Get a professional certificate!

Upon successful completion of the course, you will get a certificate of continuing professional development in Digitodontics with 7 CPD credits from Digitodontics International Academy.

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