Injectable Composite Resin Technique

Complete protocols for aesthetic, durable, and functional composite restorations

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  • Understand the principles and concepts of the Composite Injectable Technique.

  • Develop proficiency in patient assessment and consultation.
  • Acquire the skills necessary to perform the Composite Injectable Technique.

  • Master the art of shade matching and color blending to achieve natural-looking results.

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Introduction to the course

Learn the injectable composite resin restorative technique from the maestro, Dr. David Gestakovski!

Create aesthetic, functional and long-lasting composite restorations using the injectable composite resin restorative technique.

In this course you will learn in details about:

  • DSD and digital workflow.
  • Wax-up, mock-up, and emotional dentistry.
  • Protocols for fabrication of the transparent silicon index.
  • Anterior composite veneers.
  • Single veneer concept.
  • Functional composite restorations. 

Key learning skills

  • Injectable composite technique
  • Aesthetic composite restorations
  • Anterior composite restorations
  • Functional composite restorations
  • Composite veneers
  • Single veneer concept
  • Occlusal veneers
  • Polychromatic filling technique
  • Adhesive protocols

Lesson 1 | Overview of The Injectable Composite Resin Restoration Technique

Program of the lesson

  • Introduction to the injectable molding composite restoration technique.

  • Indication of the injectable molding composite restoration technique.
  • Literature review of the injectable composite resin technique.
  • Material selection and classification of the transparent silicon.
  • Case selection criteria. The “over molding” myth.
  • Purely additive and minimally invasive protocols of the injectable composite technique.
  • Treatment planning of case analysis: dental photography, dental impressions, digital smile design (DSD), wax-up, and mock-up.
  • Digital treatment planning: intraoral scanning, DSD, digital wax-up and digital mock-up.

Lesson duration | 54-minute

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Lesson 2 | Mock-up and Fabrication of the Transparent Silicon Index

Program of the lesson

  • Advantages of mock-up and emotional dentistry.

  • Clinical significance of mock-ups.

  • Material selection for the mock-up.

  • Step-by-step demonstration of the mock-up protocols. From the laboratory to the patient’s mouth.

  • The analogue vs the digital protocols for manufacturing the transparent silicon index.

  • Step-by-step demonstration of the full laboratory protocols for manufacturing the transparent silicon index.

  • Tips and tricks by Dr. David to obtain the perfect transparent silicon index.

Lesson duration | 41-minute

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Lesson 3 | Anterior Composite Veneers With The Injectable Composite Resin Technique

Program of the lesson

  • Tips on working with the transparent silicon index.

  • Single veneering concept using the injectable composite resin technique.

  • Clinical strategies to avoid the bubble formation when proceeding with injectable composite resin.

  • Protocols to improve the interproximal contact after a single tooth veneer.

  • Finishing and polishing protocols.

  • Clinical workflow of anterior 6 composite veneers using the injectable composite resin technique.

  • Criteria for aesthetic, functional, and biologically stable composite veneers.

Lesson duration | 78-minute

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Lesson 4 | Injectable Composite Technique: Material Selection and Pricing in Relation to Treatment Duration

Program of the lesson

  • Pricing scheme for the injectable composite resin restorative technique, from consultation to the delivery day.

  • Composite selection for the best and optimal workflow.

  • Physical and adhesive properties of various composite materials used for the injectable restorative technique.

  • Translucency and opacity of composite materials. What to choose and when.

  • Polishability and aesthetic advantages of composite resin.

  • Analysis of clinical cases.

Lesson duration | 24-minute

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Lesson 5 | Functional Aspects To Composite Veneers with the Injectable Composite Resin Restorative Technique

Program of the lesson

  • Common mistakes when manufacturing the transparent silicon index.

  • Micromorphology. Primary and secondary anatomy for aesthetic restorations.

  • Functional considerations. Laterotrusive movement and canine guidance.

  • Functional and smile analysis.

  • Parafunction and treatment protocols of worn dentitions and bruxism using the injectable composite resin technique.

  • Demonstration of multiple clinical cases from A to Z.

Lesson duration | 56-minute

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Lesson 6 | Single Veneer Concept with The Injectable Composite Resin Technique. Detailed Video Guide

Program of the lesson

  • Analog and digital workflow to achieve an aesthetic restoration.

  • Composite restoration using the injectable technique in combination with ceramic veneers.

  • Shade matching and full clinical protocols.

  • Tips and tricks to achieve the best restoration with minimal adjustment using the injectable technique.

  • Finishing and polishing protocols.

  • Video demonstration of various clinical cases from A to Z.

Lesson duration | 70-minute

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Lesson 7 | Polychromatic Filling Approach with The Injectable Composite Resin Technique. Detailed Video Guide

Program of the lesson

  • Digital workflow of the injectable composite technique:

          – Intraoral scanning and the printed double model technique.
          – Designing and fabrication of printed models.
          – Manufacturing of the transparent silicon index.

  • Material selection for a polychromatic filling approach.

  • Clinical case analysis:   

          – Intraoral scanning protocols.
          – Digital wax-up and fabrication of 3D printed models.
          – Manufacturing the transparent silicon index.
          – Polychromatic filling approach with the injectable composite resin technique.

  • Evaluation of clinical cases and follow ups protocols.

Lesson duration | 57-minute


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Lesson 8 | Clinical Case Studies: Analyzing Common Mistakes with Injectable Composite and Practical Solutions

Program of the lesson

  • Minimal invasive approach.

  • Removing and replacing old composite veneers.

  • Mistakes when taking impressions and intraoral scanning.

  • Application of DSD (Digital Smile Design) to avoid predictable mistakes.

  • Evaluation of the proper setting of the transparent silicone.

  • Evaluation of the contact point of the restoration.

  • Tips on shade selection.

  • Advantage of the injectable composite technique over other restorative options.

Lesson duration | 62-minute

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Recommended literature | Read more from the below articles

  • The injectable composite resin technique: minimally invasive reconstruction of esthetics and function. Clinical case report with 2-year follow-up. David Geštakovski. 2019.
  • The “index technique” in worn dentition: a new and conservative approach. Riccardo Ammannato, Federico Ferraris, Giulio Marchesi. 2015.
  • Influence of different curing modes on polymerization behavior and mechanical properties of dual-cured provisional resins. S Shibasaki, T Takamizawa, T Suzuki, K Nojiri, A Tsujimoto, W W Barkmeier, M A Latta, M Miyazaki. 2017.

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Certificate | Get a professional certificate!

Upon successful completion of the course, you will get a certificate of continuing professional development in Digitodontics with 8 CPD credits from Digitodontics International Academy.

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