Learn the biomechanics and treatment protocols of Clear Aligners with Dr. Luis González in an exclusive masterclass tailored specifically for orthodontists and general dentists! 

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  • Understand the principles and concepts of Clear Aligners.

  • Develop proficiency in Clear Aligners treatnent.
  • Acquire the skills necessary to perform Clear Aligners treatment.

  • Master the skills of Orthodontics management.

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Introduction to the course

Your path to becoming a master in Clear Aligners treatment starts here.

Learn the biomechanics and treatment protocols of Clear Aligners with Dr. Luis González in an exclusive masterclass tailored specifically for orthodontists and general dentists!

From treatment planning and biomechanics to the clinical workflow, this course serves as your core foundation and guide to begin implementing Clear Aligners treatment into your daily practice.

During the course you will learn:
– Biomechanics and physical properties of Clear Aligners
– Diagnosis and treatment planning of simple and complex cases
– Treatment protocols of Class II and Class III cases

Whether you are a young orthodontist, experienced specialist or a general dental practitioner, this course is a must have!
Join now and start providing your patients the best treatment with Clear Aligners!

Key learning skills

  • Clear Aligners treatment protocols
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Biomechanics of Clear Aligners
  • Physical properties of Clear Aligners
  • Clincheck and Clear Aligners modeling
  • Treatment of open bite
  • Treatment of crossbite
  • Treatment of deep bite
  • Treatment of Class II
  • Treatment of Class III

Lesson 1 | Biomechanics of Clear Aligners 

Program of the lesson

  • The basics of tooth movement: force application and biological response of teeth.

  • The tooth’s biological response to force and movement.

  • The biomechanical similarities and differences between Clear Aligners and braces.

  • Center of resistance and center of rotation with Clear Aligners.

  • Protocols for application of rotation, angulation, and bodily movement with Clear Aligners.

  • The force system when treating with Clear Aligners: effective force and force moment.

  • The force couple when treating with Clear Aligners.

  • Attachment and their force application.

  • Analysis of clinical cases with application of biomechanics for predictable treatment outcome.

Lesson duration | 39-minute

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Lesson 2 | Physical Properties of Clear Aligners and Their Application in Clinical Cases

Program of the lesson

  • Elasticity of Clear Aligners and its effect on the biomechanical movement when expanding or compressing the arch.

  • Treatment of posterior cross bite. Expansion vs. compression.

  • Elastic properties when treating crossbite cases. Treatment planning of various crossbite cases.

  • Flexible property of clear aligners and its effect on the outcome of the treatment.

  • Treatment protocols of deep bites.

  • Treatment protocols of open bites.

  • Deflective properties of Clear Aligners:

    -Space closure with Clear Aligners.
    -Bowing effect and the application of anti-bowing elastics.

  • Analysis of clinical cases of treatment with extraction and space closure with Clear Aligners.

  • Resilient properties of Clear Aligners:

    -Treatment of canine ectopic buccal eruption and midline deviation.

  • Utilizing the physical properties of clear aligners in various clinical cases.

Lesson duration | 37-minute

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Lesson 3 | Treatment of Class II. Biomechanics, Treatment Planning and Clinical Workflow

Program of the lesson

  • Sequential distalization biomechanics with Clear Aligners:

           -The 1/2 pattern for distalization.
           -The 1/3 pattern for distalization.

  • Radiological analysis of the retromolar space.

  • Analysis of class II cases. From treatment planning to clinical workflow.

  • The over correction of the curve of Spee.

  • Analysis of occlusal force for predictable distalization.

  • Application of bite ramps: placement and the result of their integration in the treatment.

  • The main rule for predictable distalization with Clear Aligner.

Lesson duration | 35-minute

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Lesson 4 | Treatment of Class III. Biomechanics, Treatment Planning and Clinical Workflow

Program of the lesson

  • Centric relation of class III patients.

  • Sequential distalization on the lower jaw.

  • Keys for treatment of class III cases with Clear Aligners.

  • Analysis of class III cases. From treatment planning to clinical workflow:

      -Asymmetric class III.
      -Unilateral class III.

  • Application of Clear Aligners and miniscrews to treat class III cases.

  • Buccal shelf miniscrew for distalization in the lower arch.

  • Analysis of class III cases with the application of miniscrew skeletal anchorage.

Lesson duration | 40-minute

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QuizTest your knowledge!

After completing each lesson in this online course, you will be presented with five Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), and you are required to choose the most appropriate or correct answer from a list of multiple options. These questions are designed to assess your understanding and knowledge gained from the course. To successfully obtain a certificate, you must pass all of these quizzes. Once you have accomplished this, a certificate will be issued to you as a recognition of your successful completion of the course.

Certificate | Get a professional certificate!

Upon successful completion of the course, you will get a certificate of continuing professional development in Digitodontics with 3 CPD credits from Digitodontics International Academy.

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