Complete digital workflow of removable dentures with Dr. Alessio Casucci, a clinician and a researcher on prosthetic rehabilitation of edentulous patients


  • Understand the principles and concepts of Digital Dentures.

  • Develop proficiency in Digital Denture treatment.
  • Acquire the skills necessary to perform Digital Denture treatment.

  • Master the skills of edentulous patient management.

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Introduction to removable digital dentures

Your path to becoming a master in Digital Denture rehabilitation starts here.

Complete digital workflow of removable dentures with Dr. Alessio Casucci, a clinician and a researcher on prosthetic rehabilitation of edentulous patients!

Learn the complete protocols of digital dentures and start treating your edentulous patients digitally, providing aesthetic, functional, and accurate prostheses in a much shorter delivery time.

During this online course, you will learn in detail about the following:

  • Simplified protocols of an ALL-DIGITAL removable dentures workflow.
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning for edentulous patients.
  • Intraoral scanning protocols and closed-mouth impression technique.
  • Occlusal registration and functional retention of digital dentures.
  • Protocols of milling and 3D printing of prostheses.
  • Try-in protocols and the delivery day of the prostheses.

Dentistry is continuously moving more and more toward a digital workflow. Catch the wave and start learning about the protocols of one of the most requested treatments, digital removable dentures, now!

Key learning skills

  • Digital dentures
  • Occlusal registration
  • Intraoral scanning
  • 3D printing
  • CAD/CAM technology
  • Complete dentures
  • Digital workflow
  • Removable prosthodontics

Free Webinar on Removable Digital Dentures

Follow this link to watch the FREE webinar with Dr. Alessio Casucci, titled ‘The Simplified Treatment for Edentulous Patients: An Update on Digital Options’

Lesson 1 | Introduction to Edentulous Digital Denture. Simplified Treatment Approach 

Program of the lesson

  • Digital Removable dentures in modern dentistry.

  • Establishment of a digital workflow. The full overview of the digital process.

  • Simplified clinical protocols with digital dentures.

  • Digital removable dentures vs conventional workflow: Advantages, indications, and literature review.

  • Analysis of the full clinical steps of digital dentures manufacturing:

     – Preliminary impressions.
     – Intermaxillary registration. 
    – Obtaining CR and OVD.
    – Full protocols of 3D bite plates fabrication.
    – Closed mouth impression, border molding and delineative impressions.
    – Teeth positioning and aesthetic orientation.
    – Static position test.
    – Milling procedures.
    – The oversize milling technique.
    – Bearing base adaptation   
    – Delivery day: aesthetic and phonetic analysis.

  • Digital closed mouth impressions technique.

  • Analysis of the prosthetic diagnosis steps.

  • Protocols of the closed mouth impression technique.

  • Analysis of digital dentures cases. Simplified digital approach.

  • Dento-facial analysis of digital dentures patient

  • Dentist-lab communication tips and tricks.

Lesson duration | 35-minute

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Lesson 2 | Intraoral Scanning vs Conventional Impressions

Program of the lesson

  • The 3 main required components of successful complete dentures treatment.
  • Retentive requirements of removable dentures. Protocols for extending the prostheses for functional stability.
  • Protocols of conventional impressions:

-Defining preliminary impressions.
-Protocols of registering preliminary impressions.
-Tray selection and remodeling the tray with wax-up.
-Alginate mixing and silicone material application.
-Designing the anatomical borders of the denture and understanding the musculoskeletal anatomy.

  • Full protocols of digital impressions: intraoral scanning patterns, strategies and sequence.
  • Step-by-step scanning approach according to the protocols of Prof. Lucio Lo Russo.
  • Evaluation of intraoral impressions and discussion of their limitations.
  • Intraoral scanning vs conventional impressions: advantages and disadvantages.
  • Reference scanning protocols.

Lesson duration | 30-minute

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Lesson 3 | Occlusal Registration for Edentulous Patients in the Digital Era of Dentistry

Program of the lesson

  • Occlusion and its importance in digital removable dentures.

  • Maximum intercuspation of digital removable dentures.

  • Understanding the jaw relationship: Orientation relation.

  • Vertical orientation. Horizontal orientation.

  • The rest vertical dimension(RVD), the occlusal vertical dimension(OVD), and the freeway space (FWS).

  • The importance of a correct centric relation (CR) registration.

  • Analysis of pitfalls of improper occlusion registration and mounting.

  • Key aspects of occlusal plane:

      -Lip support.
      -F, V, and E sound.
      -Frontal plane view.
      -Sagittal plane view.

  • Key aspects of OVD: Aesthetics, freeway space, S sound.

  • Key aspects of CR: manual registration and gothic arch registration.

  • Protocols of obtaining centric relation and occlusal vertical dimensions.

  • Clinical cases analysis of occlusal analysis of digital dentures: Bite registration, CR, OVD.

  • Clinical cases analysis of digital dentures fabrication and occlusal establishment.

  • Indications of closed mouth impressions technique.

  • Analysis of a clinical case in a full digital workflow.

Lesson duration | 44-minute

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Lesson 4 | Functional Try-in Construction and Clinical Evaluations of Digital Dentures

Program of the lesson

  • Introduction to functional try-in in digital dentures:

            -Overview of functional try-in.
            -Importance in digital denture workflow.
            -Significance of clinical evaluations.

  • Protocols for functional try-in construction.
  • Clinical evaluations for digital dentures treatment:

            -Comprehensive patient assessment.
            -Aesthetic considerations.
            -Functional assessments.
            -Occlusal harmony.
            -Patient communication strategies.
            -Adjustments and refinements.

  • Analysis of masticatory performance.
  • Case studies and practical application:

            -Analysis of clinical cases.
            -Analysis of pitfalls and how to overcome them.

Lesson duration | 22-minute

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Lesson 5 | Milling or Printing of Dentures: Immediate and Follow-up of Treatment Results

Program of the lesson

  • Retention aspects and base accuracy in printed and milled dentures.
  • Analysis of subtractive manufacturing techniques.
  • Analysis of additive manufacturing techniques.
  • Analysis of various clinical cases, including:

      -Intraoral scanning protocols.
      -Clinical protocols for milled dentures.
      -Clinical protocols for 3D printed dentures.
      -Overview of clinical and laboratory protocols.

Lesson duration | 28-minute

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Recommended literature | Read more from the below articles

  • Flexural Strength Analysis of Different Complete Denture Resin-Based Materials Obtained by Conventional and Digital Manufacturing. Alessio Casucci, et al. 2023.

  • Accuracy of Four Intra-Oral Scanners in Subgingival Vertical Preparation: An In Vitro 3-Dimensional Comparative Analysis. Alessio Casucci, et al. 2023.

QuizTest your knowledge!

After completing each lesson in this online course, you will be presented with five Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), and you are required to choose the most appropriate or correct answer from a list of multiple options. These questions are designed to assess your understanding and knowledge gained from the course. To successfully obtain a certificate, you must pass all of these quizzes. Once you have accomplished this, a certificate will be issued to you as a recognition of your successful completion of the course.

Certificate | Get a professional certificate!

Upon successful completion of the course, you will get a certificate of continuing professional development in Digitodontics with 4 CPD credits from Digitodontics International Academy.

Course Synopsis

Embark on a comprehensive journey into the world of digital dentistry with Dr. Alessio Casucci, a seasoned clinician and researcher specializing in prosthetic rehabilitation for edentulous patients! This online course offers a detailed exploration of the complete digital workflow for removable dentures.

Discover simplified protocols designed for an ALL-DIGITAL approach to removable dentures, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process. Dr. Casucci will guide you through the nuances of diagnosis and treatment planning specifically tailored for edentulous patients, emphasizing the importance of achieving both aesthetic and functional outcomes.

Delve into the intricacies of intraoral scanning protocols and closed-mouth impression techniques, gaining practical insights into these fundamental aspects of digital denture creation. Learn the art of occlusal registration and the application of functional retention techniques for digital dentures that go beyond traditional methods.

Uncover the protocols governing the milling and 3D printing of prostheses, exploring the cutting-edge technologies that contribute to the precision and accuracy of the final product. The course also covers try-in protocols and the crucial delivery day of the prostheses, offering a holistic understanding of the entire digital denture creation process.

As dentistry rapidly embraces a digital revolution, this course provides you with the essential knowledge to ride the wave of change. Elevate your practice by mastering the protocols for one of the most sought-after treatments in the field – digital removable dentures. Join now and revolutionize your approach to providing efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and functional prostheses for your patients..

PRICE:  208.99€