Prof. Jean-Daniel Orthlieb

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Occlusal control in prosthodontics and implant prosthetics according to the protocols of Prof. Jean-Daniel ORTHLIEB!

A course designed for prosthodontists and implant dentists, providing you with all the protocols you need to achieve occlusal harmony in occlusal rehabilitation cases.

During the course, you will learn in details about:

  • Techniques for recording centric relation.
  • Protocols for implementing centric relation and centric occlusion.
  • Diagnosis of occlusal disorders and treatment planning strategies.
  • Techniques for occlusal adjustment and refinement.
  • Integration of occlusal principles into prosthodontic and implant treatment workflows.
  • Management of occlusal complications in rehabilitation cases.

Join to acquire the knowledge and skills essential for confidently managing complex occlusal challenges in prosthodontics and implant prosthetic practice!

Key learning skills

  • Prosthodontic occlusion
  • Occlusion in implant dentistry
  • Digital occlusion
  • Occlusal analysis
  • Recording centric relation
  • Determining therapeutic position
  • Occlusal rehabilitation
  • Implant dentistry
  • Implant occlusion

Lesson 1 | Centric Relation Updates: Practical, Straightforward, and Valid Protocols

Program of the lesson

  • Controversies surrounding the definition of Centric Relation (CR).
  • Centric occlusion and maximal intercuspal position (MIP).
  • Anatomy of the TMJ and occlusal references.
  • Definition of Centric Relation (CR): Understanding the reference point.
  • Management of Centric Relation (CR): Patient and practitioner posture.
  • Protocols for Centric Relation (CR) recording principles and techniques.
  • Analysis of the different types of handling techniques for the recording of Centric Relation (CR),.
  • Centric relation (CR) and anterior occlusal stops (AOS).
  • Protocols for punctual anterior occlusal stops (PAOS).
  • Full checkbite in prosthodontics.
  • Centric Relation recording in prosthodontics.
  • Validation of Centric Relation (CR) simulation:

          -Centric Relation recording accuracy.
          -The split cast technique.

Lesson duration | 47-minute

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Lesson 2 | Understanding the Occlusal Function: What Clinicians Should Know

Program of the lesson

  • Occlusion in modern dental practice.

  • Analysis of occlusal parafunction:

          -Loss of posterior support.
          -Posterior interference.
          -Anterior interference.

  • Ideal occlusion vs malocclusion.

  • Triad of occlusal functions:

          -Calage for stabilizing function.
          -Centrage for centric function.
          -Guidage for guiding function.

  • Maximal intercuspation: concept gnathological and clinical reality.

  • Posterior occlusal support and clenching force.
  • Guiding function and biomechanical principles.
  • Analysis of group function.

Lesson duration | 52-minute

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Lesson 3 | Understanding Occlusal Dysfunction: Diagnosing and Analyzing Malocclusions

Program of the lesson

  • Ideal occlusion vs malocclusions.
  • Types, anomalies, categories (TAC) classification of malocclusion.
  • Protocols for stabilizing occlusal dysfunction.
  • Quality of intercuspal position and stabilizing function:

          -Loss of posterior and anterior support.
          -Occlusal plane disorders.

  • Analysis of centric dysfunction.

  • Analysis of guiding dysfunction.
  • Defining occlusal categories.

Lesson duration | 60-minute

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Lesson 4 | Reference Position: Maximum Intercuspation (MICP) and Centric Relation (CR)

Program of the lesson

  • Defining the mandibular reference position:

          -Dental reference position.
          -Swallowing position.
          -Myocentric position.
          -Articulator reference position.
          -Energetic postural position.

  • Neuromuscular dentistry and its effect on occlusion.

  • Analysis of the success rate of full arch restorations in intercuspal position (ICP).

  • Therapeutic position concept: new ICP in centric position (reference point).

  • Protocols for mandibular repositioning.

  • Reference therapeutic position: algorithm making.

  • Border cases: maximum intercuspation position (MICP) or Centric Relation (CR).

  • Clinical case analysis:

          -Determination of reference position.
          -Protocols of preprosthetic orthodontics for occlusal stabilization in Centric Relation (CR).

  • Protocols for occlusal adjustment in Centric Relation (CR) position.

  • Protocols for preprosthetic occlusal adjustment.
  • Protocols for occlusal analysis on articulator.
  • Comparing intercuspal position to the new intercuspal position in Centric Relation (CR).

Lesson duration | 58-minute

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Lesson 5 | Occlusal Control in Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics

Program of the lesson

  • Mandibular reference position.
  • Defining the reference position for prosthodontic restorations.
  • Intercuspal position (ICP) as a reference and therapeutic position. Analysis of clinical scenarios.
  • Analysis of clinical cases where we MUST improve the initial intercuspal position (ICP).
  • Occlusal integration and occlusal function.
  • How to record intercuspal position (ICP)?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of bite registration in intercuspal position (ICP).
  • Protocols of intercuspal position (ICP) recording:

           -Occlusal recording table technique.
          -The silicone checkbite technique.

  • Intercuspal position (ICP) simulation in the lab:

          -Protocols of cast mounting on a simulator.
          -Cast occlusal adjustment.

  • Clinical control of intercuspal position (ICP):

          -ICP recording in partial dentures.
          -ICP recording in fixed prosthodontics.

  • Intercuspal position (ICP) recording principles.

Lesson duration | 57-minute

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Lesson 6 | Implant Occlusion: Analog and Digital Practical Approach

Program of the lesson

  • Incidences of occlusal morphology and occlusal concepts in implant dentistry.

  • The occlusal recommendation for occlusion on implants.

  • The risk of infraocclusion on implants.

  • Biomechanics of implant occlusion.

  • Resilience to occlusal load through viscoelasticity.

  • Dental implant axis inclination and loading.

  • Analyzing the general principles of implant occlusion:

          -Bite forces.
          -Crown-to-implant ratio.
          -Occlusal morphology.

  • Implant occlusal adjustment in intercuspal position (ICP):

          -Full arch on implants.
          -Bounded implants. Distal implants.
          -Terminal implants.
          -Distal antagonist implants.
          -Antagonist distal implants.

  • Occlusal analysis of ALL-ON-4 treatment.

  • Canine vs. group function in implant occlusion.
  • Specifics of occlusion on implants.
  • Analysis of clinical cases.

Lesson duration | 60-minute

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Quiz | Test your knowledge!

After completing each lesson in this online course, you will be presented with five Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), and you are required to choose the most appropriate or correct answer from a list of multiple options. These questions are designed to assess your understanding and knowledge gained from the course. To successfully obtain a certificate, you must pass all of these quizzes. Once you have accomplished this, a certificate will be issued to you as a recognition of your successful completion of the course.

Certificate | Get a professional certificate!

Upon successful completion of the course, you will get a certificate of continuing professional development in Digitodontics with 6 CPD credits from Digitodontics International Academy.

Course Synopsis

Embark on a journey of mastery in occlusal control within prosthodontics and implant dentistry, meticulously crafted following the esteemed protocols of Prof. Jean-Daniel ORTHLIEB! This specialized course caters exclusively to prosthodontists and implant dentists, equipping you with comprehensive protocols essential for attaining optimal occlusal harmony in the realm of occlusal rehabilitation.

Throughout the program, delve into the intricacies of: mastering techniques for determining centric relation, implementing precise protocols for centric relation and centric occlusion, diagnosing various occlusal disorders, and devising effective treatment planning strategies. Refine your skills further with advanced techniques for occlusal adjustment and honing, seamlessly integrating fundamental occlusal principles into your prosthodontic and implant treatment workflows.

Additionally, gain invaluable insights into the management of occlusal complications encountered in rehabilitation cases.

Join us to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for confidently navigating the complexities of occlusal challenges within prosthodontics and implant dentistry practice.s.

PRICE:  222.99€